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Knight Friar


Chevaliers de Notre Dame
Ordre Religieux Militaire Souverain de Jerusalem

The Cross and Shield

Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomine Tuo, da gloriam!

Psalms 115


The Knights of the Ordre are adherents of the Sangreal.

The Chalice may be perceived as a vine weaving through the annals of time. The fruit of this vine is the grape and from the grape comes forth wine. Wine has always been associated with the blood of Jesus Christ. Upon this tradition rests the very heart of the Eucharist  (Holy Communion)  the holiest of Catholic Sacraments. This perpetual symbol represents no less than the forever enduring Messianic bloodline of Jesus Christ.

The Chalice and the vine support the ideal of service, whereas the blood and the wine corresponds to the eternal spirit of fulfillment. The spiritual quest therefore, is a desire for fulfillment through the giving and receiving of service. Through history this has become known as the Grail Code, in and of itself a parable for the human condition. 

The quest for us all then, is to serve God and, by serving, to achieve.

Nourishment of the Soul

The Latin expression lectio divina means a prayerful reading of scripture to nourish prayer and to enter into communion with the mystery presented to us in the biblical text.

Lectio divina is distinct from scientific exegesis, study and interpretation, since it is centred on dialogue of faith between the reader and God, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Meditation - Ladder of the Monks

The Key to understanding the foundation and the mission of this Religious Ordre:

The Good Samaritan Ecclesiology.
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The mission of this division of the Ordre is the provision of Medical-Psychiatric care with ancillary diversified services to our community without regard to race, creed, colour or religious convictions. Our area of major concern is the Children of our community.

Our Community services are supported by donation.

Although we are worldwide,

The Preceptory de Saint Jacques
is located in Coram, NY.

We are responsible for the Sacraments
and Secular Services for the Atlantic Seaboard.

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The provision of our necessary community services, as well as
our mission of alleviating the suffering of afflicted children are supported by Donations.

For those wishing to make donations of cars, planes, motorcycles, computer systems, timely business software or any other durable goods of value, please (click here)!

Donations Are Charitable and Tax-Deductible.
Accepted and approved by the Internal Revenue Service,
as an income tax-deductible donation to our approved charity
Good Samaritan Charities.

The Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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